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We are a lifeline for people with Kidney Disease Learn More Helping kidney patients around the world live the healthiest life possible Our Services Support & Partner with us to help fight kidney diseases Donate Now

Partner with us to help fight kidney diseases.
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Donations are tax deductible. | 90% of all donations go to support our efforts and services. | Donations are accepted online, via mail, phone or fax.

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You can support our services by making a recurring gift monthly or every quarter, as well as, making an annual donation as a general gift, a memorial gift or a tribute gift. No Donation is too small.

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Your time given to support our efforts is valuable. We have a lot of different events, occasions and situations where volunteers are needed. Please CONTACT US for volunteer or internship opportunities. 

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Donate Life America is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and state teams across the United States committed to increasing organ, eye and tissue donation. Donate Life America manages and promotes the national brand for donation, Donate Life, and assists Donate Life State Teams and partners.

About Kidney Disease

The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

Who We Are

Global Assistance For Healthy Kidneys Initiative

At the Global Assistance for the Healthy Kidneys Initiative (GAHKI), we believe that every kidney disease is not a death sentence. As, every patient regardless of color, age or social class has the right to not just live but enjoy a long and healthy life. Our Vision is to see kidney patients around the world live the healthiest life possible. We make it Our Mission to achieve our Vision above, we are committed to reducing the mortality rate of Kidney Patients in Africa by providing hope, quality service and financial support for treatment, so they can rebuild their lives and live the best life possible. 

We are also committed to making treatment available and affordable to financially disadvantaged kidney patients even in the remote parts of Nigeria.


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We promote public awareness and draw global attention of kidney disease through regular education programs, screenings and health fairs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles that can protect the kidneys and prevent kidney failures.


We provide financial support to disadvantaged Kidney patients by soliciting for funds and donations for Individuals, government and corporate organization for subsidized treatments. We also provide hope and emotional support to Kidney patients and their families.


We champion the cause for patients by influencing government policies aimed at directing attention and resources towards early screening and detection, regular education of the public and prevention of the disease.

We Need Your Help

Financially disadvantaged Kidney patients either have to deal with catastrophic medical bills or do not have access to adequate facilities and treatments needed for their condition leaving them at the risk of death.

What We Do

Our Services Matter

Chronic Kidney Disease affects 10% of the population worldwide and more than 80% of all patients who receive treatment for kidney failure are in affluent counties with access to quality health care leaving millions to die each year because of the physical and financial constraints of getting the affordable treatment necessary.

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We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

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